10 Alpha Male Traits (Dating Advice for Men)

To attract women, you must understand what it is they want. ALL Women want an Alpha Male. This video lists 10 important traits to display that will make women want you

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The ‘Minecraft’ Better Together Update Is Delayed Until Fall

I’m been very anxiously waiting for Minecraft’s [$6.99] Better Together update to hit iOS (Android players have been beta testing the update for weeks now), but it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer. The update was originally scheduled to go live this summer, but recently the FAQ …

Balad Lamp from Fermob

Need some flexible outdoor lighting? The Balad Lamp from Fermob is just the right size to tote around. And, compared to some other portable, outdoor lights (like the Uma), it’s absolutely affordable. The aluminum handle has a button at its base that dims the light and turns the lamp on …