Anonymous social media lets users create different personas

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Add / Remove Social media has become a part of most people’s daily routine, and many use multiple social media channels to show different sides of themselves. But now, a new social network is encouraging people to hide their real identities entirely. Instead, it wants users to embrace their online personas. Galaxia is a new social platform where users create multiple personas from one account that they then use to interact with different ‘worlds’ within the platform. Users connect their personas to different social networks, which can be made public or private, and have their own set of rules. In this way, the app tries to bridge the gap between an instant messenger and a social media profile page; private groups can be small social media groups, while public profiles, under a different persona, can have thousands of views and interactions. The developers say the ‘no real name’ policy is to let users express themselves more freely, and to improve privacy. The app can also allow users to charge ‘entrance fees’ for their Galaxia worlds. Founder Moshe Hogeg said: “We’re trying to build a platform that will allow us to be who we want to be, in each context.” We have already seen anonymous social media sites helping users find therapy and support. Could more anonymous forms of social media be the answer to online privacy? Website: Contact: The post Anonymous social media lets users create different personas appeared first on Springwise.


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