Apple Posts iPhone 6 Photos Taken By Users From All Around The World

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(shot by Ahmed A.)
As part of a new advertising campaign, Apple launched a website where it features iPhone photography from all around the world.
A total of 57 pictures, taken by both amateur and professional photographers from many countries in the world, has been published on the site to showcase the phone’s imaging prowess and encourage people’s creativity. Many of them immortalize gorgeous landscapes, architecture, and flowers as well as the precious, fleeting moments, such as a rainbow after the rain, a child waking up from a good night’s sleep, and a fun family trip.
Apple used every photo to highlight a certain feature of the iPhone’s camera and give advice to aspiring photographers. For example, below a photo with a hot air balloon festival, the company added a tip on how to compose a photo to create greater depth of field. There are also links to apps, which the photographers have used to capture or edit their pictures.
I really like Apple’s new advertising campaign. Apart from a clever way to show off the iPhone’s camera capabilities, the company managed to tighten the bonds between the products and its users. I’ve read an interview with a famous photographer who was delighted to have his photo featured on Apple’s website.
Who knows, maybe one day our pictures will make it there as well? Before that happens, head over to Apple’s new “Shot on iPhone 6″ website to check out all the images.

(shot by Julian B.)

(shot by Chris C.)

(shot by Jeremiah C.)

(shot by Alastair B.)

(shot by Francis O.)

(shot by Sarah P.)

(shot by Teppo K.)

(shot by Hyeong Jun K.)

(shot by Dawn D.)

(shot by Dan C.)
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