Compelling Card Game ‘Age of Rivals’ Just Got a Fun New Content Expansion

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Civilization building intersects collectible-card gaming in Age of Rivals [$1.99], a two-player game that is, for my money, one of the best games of the year. Age of Rivals is a card-drafting game where you must choose your path to victory. You can seek military prowess, economic dominance, cultural supremacy, or a more balanced path and one of the virtues of the game are its many routes to victory. The game is well worth a try, especially now that it has its first content expansion. The Conflict of Faith expansion brings 18 new cards, a brand new campaign, 6 new challenge levels to conquer as well as various gameplay improvements. Check out our forum thread for the complete list of additions in this awesome additional expansion for Age of Rivals.

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The expansion is free for those who own the game and Age of Rivals is currently on sale for two bucks off as well for anyone who may be tempted to get in and give it a try. All of the game’s cards are obtainable by simply playing the game, and thankfully there are no additional expenses in the form of IAPs or micro-transactions to worry about. Be sure to check Age of Rivals out if you enjoy compelling card games, and check out our forum page for more discussion.


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