Day 1 of the Dawn Wall Push

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My phone rang at 2:15pm today.  “We’re ready to blast and I just thought I’d call and let you know.”  I could hear the focus and excitement in Tommy’s voice. Tommy and Kevin started up the Dawn Wall today for the last time of the season and maybe the last time ever.  Hopefully the next time they will have solid ground under their feet will be when they reach the top of El Capitan, which could take them 2 weeks.  They made it through pitches 1-5 solidly today, and will put in another big day tomorrow, ideally climbing through pitch 9.  Tommy said the weather is looking great with cool temps hopefully allowing them to climb in the sun.    It’s been a long journey, and I think we are all ready to see Tommy and Kevin finish this thing.  Send your good vibes to the guys as they battle their way up the 32 pitches of up to 5.14 climbing.   Here Tommy climbs pitch 5 in the spring a few years back.  Today this pitch was Kevin’s lead and apparently pretty wet.   


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