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Google’s Keyword Trends tool is extremely interesting to me. Here, we can see if businesses, tactics, and more are in free fall, growth, or stagnation. We can potentially identify stock opportunities or similarly, when we should eject or short a company. We can see the interest levels in our competitor. Below, I identified several searches that were top of mind in terms of interest level.
And of course, it should be noted that these searches are not 1:1 indicators of a companies health – they are simply measures of the direct traffic to their sites through the search engines. Also, it is very possible many of these keywords have double intent, such as SEM, which Tad Chef has already noted on, which can skew this data.
So, take it for what you will – if nothing else, this is an entertaining exercise.

SEO Tools: SEOmoz vs Raven Tools vs Ahrefs vs Screaming Frog vs Hubspot

SEO Jargon: Link Building vs Content Marketing vs Inbound Marketing vs Content Strategy

Social Networks: Twitter vs Facebook vs Pinterest vs Linkedin

Industry Acronyms: SEO vs PPC vs SEM vs CRO

Social News Sites: Hacker News vs Digg

SEO Giants: Amazon vs Wikipedia

Content Strategy Buzzwords: User Experience vs Information Architecture
Advertising Online: Facebook Advertising vs Twitter Advertising vs Google Advertising vs Bing Advertising
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