French Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in many countries in the world, including the United States and France. In 2017, we will celebrate la fête des pères on June 18.
If your Papa (or significant other, if you’re getting him something on behalf of your children!) is a lover of all things French, I have gathered a long list of French-inspired gift ideas that will show how much you love him, and how highly you think of him.
Not knowing the particular tastes of your own father, I readily admit to playing into a number of gender generalizations; I hope you’ll forgive me. Feel free to draw even more ideas from my French Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and my Best Gifts for the French-Loving Cook.
Bonne fête to Papas everywhere!
Father’s Day Cards
I love these two cards — whimsical and very French.

This one has glitter on the moustache.

This one says “My heart belongs to Papa.”
Moustache Mug

This mug doubles up as a fun game: you have to guess who each famous moustache belonged to.
Opinel folding knife

The legendary French folding knive still manufactured in Savoie! A very affordable little gift.
Corsican folding knife

For a slightly bigger budget, I love the slender look of that Corsican knife, manufactured in the center of France.
Pencil holder and desk organizer

A desk organizer or pencil holder is a typical gift made by French kids at school for their Papa, who then think of them every day at the office. If you prefer to buy it than craft it, I like this leather one.
Vacuum wine sealer

Handy and efficient to preserve wine in half-empty bottles; Maxence and I use this one all the time.
Wine decanter spouts

It’s frustrating to pour wine and have that little drop dribble down the bottle and stain your tablecloth. No more with these reusable pouring spouts!
Decanting wine carafe

Some precious wines need a little decanting time to express their full personality, and owning a decanting carafe makes one feel very accomplished. If you can, get your dad the matching stand to dry the carafe fully between uses.
Wine/Beer Passion Journal

If your father is serious about his wine or his beer, get him a passion journal to organize his tasting notes!
Metro map of French wine regions

This is such a fun print: it represents all the French growing regions in the style of a metro map. Get this simple picture frame for it.
Online French Lessons

Has your father always wanted to learn French? Sign him up for Frantastique, a fun and well-crafted French course delivered by email, that he can customize to his level and preferences.
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