Funding Friday: Restore Historic Mission Control


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2019 Volvo XC40, Durango Hellcat, Mercedes-AMG GT C: The Week In Reverse

Volvo unveiled the 2019 XC40; someone builtd a Dodge Durango Hellcat; and we slid behind the wheel of the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C. It’s the Week in Reverse, right here at Motor Authority. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has now made a Hellcat-powered version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the Durango’s …

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Air Pollution Tied to Kidney Disease

Add a new potential ill to the list of problems linked to air pollution: kidney disease. Source:

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How to Add Qualifying Questions to Your Facebook Lead Ads

Do you use Facebook lead ads? Want to learn more about the people who sign up for your offers? Facebook lead ads now let marketers ask customized questions to reveal valuable trends in consumer preferences. In this article, you’ll discover how to add custom questions to your Facebook lead ads. …