Lead With Humor, Charm & Decisiveness

How to focus your efforts on being great as a man so you can lead your interactions with women to a successful seduction in your bed or hers

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My Wife Just Said… #330

I have to imagine that other parents do this thing my wife and I do, when deciding what we’re going to watch. After the kid’s bedtime, and by that I mean, after he’s gotten up once or twenty times, when he actually goes to for-real sleep, we settle down for …

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How Much Kingsman: The Golden Circle Earned On Thursday Night

Kingsman: The Golden Circle got off to an impressive start last night. Here’s how much it drew in from Thursday night screenings. Source: http://bppro.link/?c=X8t

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What Wall Street’s Saying About Apple’s New Products on Store Shelves – Bloomberg

BloombergWhat Wall Street’s Saying About Apple’s New Products on Store ShelvesBloombergThe launch was highly anticipated, but the reviews so far are lackluster for Apple Inc.’s new gadgets. This isn’t the first time Apple has received less-than-stellar feedback, but reviewers seem to be particularly disappointed this time around. Each …and more » …