‘Six Ages’, Spiritual Successor of King of Dragon Pass, is Feature Complete

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King of Dragon Pass [$9.99] is a civilization building, role-playing, interactive-fiction game set in the mythologically blessed world of Glorantha—home of RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age. It operates on two levels, one of empire building where you grow a tribe into a dominant force and another of character-driven role-playing adventure. The fact the game can do both simultaneously and do it well is why the game, released way back in 2010, is an absolute iOS classic (not to mention the other platforms on which it appears). A Sharp Games, the developers of King of Dragon Pass, announced a follow-up game and spiritual successor to the game…nearly three years ago.

Six Ages, set in the same world, intends to weave in the the interactive fiction, role-playing, resource management, and empire building elements that made King of Dragon Pass so compelling. Creating such a game takes time, however, but good news arrived in a recent blog for the game. Six Ages has now reached

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