This Week in Travel – Episode 225


This week Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and I joined by this week’s guest Lisa Niver, from WeSaidGoTravel and JetSet TV.
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This Week’s News

SFO near-miss: Air Canada flight got ‘extremely close’ to planes on taxiway, pilot on ground alerted tower, averted disaster
American Airlines denies that plane evacuation was caused by farting passenger
Jet Blast Kills Tourist at Seaside Airport in the Caribbean
The 2017 list of Unesco World Heritage sites includes the Lake District
The World’s Biggest Airport Will Open in 2019

Picks of the week

Kluane National Park and Reserve
Molly’s Game Movie (2017)
LA Times – Free Travel Talks
The California Bucket List
Host2Coast app – Airport Food Order and Takeout


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