Would You Have Sex In The AirBnB Where Trump Was Likely Conceived?

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Image via AirBNB.The Queens home where Donald Trump lived for the first four years of his life is available to rent on AirBnB. You can enjoy many activities while on vacation in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood, but the location touts that this was where our animated cheese curd president was likely conceived, which made us wonder: Would U have sex in Trump’s old house?As the Guardian reports, and pictures on AirBnB seem to confirm, a plaque on the wall of one bedroom reads: “In this bedroom, President Donald J Trump was likely conceived, by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump. The world has never been the same.”Image via AirBnB.Clearly, the implication is that fornicating in this room will lead to another Trump. Though I believe Trump to be truly evil, I do not think he is magic, nor do I believe in the power of sex rituals. So, yes, if I could fuck literally anyone I wanted in Trump’s old house, I would. Several people protested that this made the parameters too wide, so I asked the Jez staff, “Would u have sex with a moderately (but not overly) attractive person in Trump’s old house?” Here are their answers:Stassa: the lifesize card board cutout of trump I saw in one of the pictures seems like a real turn offMadeleine: ^ my answer aboveKelly Stout: FUCK ya!Prachi: FUCK noJulianne: would i fuck momoa in that room? yes. would i bone my ex in that room? noClover: Jamaica estates is nice but no i would feel Trump’ prickly presenceMegan: Sure.Hazel: NopeEllie: i would notfuckin thereIt’s shocking that there are so many hard nos when not long ago people were willing to literally fuck Trump himself as long as his personality was trapped inside Jason Momoa’s body. It’s just a shell, in both instances, people. The only thing that did give me pause is that the person advertising this house is present during all rentals and clearly a Trump fanatic. Check for cameras.

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